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There Is No Dumb QuestionYou've trusted your web site to graphic design geniuses and are ready to turn them loose. Have you asked the most important questions? Does your design team have a business background? What is their marketing experience? What is their traffic strategy? Do they have a plan for internet promotions? The complexity of today's online world demands professional answers before the first code is written.


$49 – Search Engine Optimization strategy for deep linking and new target market.

$49 - Traffic Analysis to determine whether you are reaching your target market and whether they are responding to your landing pages.

$199 - Full Internet Marketing Strategy including goals, territory expansion, target market expansion, competition and market position analysis, web site optimization, internet delivery channels, internet marketing strategies, advertising and promotion avenues, and much more.



$79 – Regional and Industry specific trends and internet delivery and advertising channels.

$79 – Competition research and market position analysis.


$149 - Social Media - In-depth look at the technologies that make up social media marketing, including social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+; Foursquare; social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon; social content sites such as YouTube and Reddit, as well as blogs, forums, wikis, widgets RSS and more. I will show you specific strategies for implementing each and determine which to use with specific advertising and promotional campaigns.




$129 - Step By Step.strategy to implement your personalized winning web site design, social media strategy, email marketing platform, promotional campaigns and more.